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9 Jul 2021

Jorn - Running Up That Hill

appears on Heavy Rock Radio (2016)

"You there"

"Yes, yooouu-ah. Bring that camera. We're going for a walk. We have a video to make."

That's how I picture the pitch for this particular video went. Don't get me wrong, Jørn Lande is something of a legend on the hard rock scene and has gained a bit of a reputation with his solo project, aptly named Jorn, for cranking out a long list of covers that in most cases destroy the originals. I'd also wager he's the only singer who's covered this particular song who might actually be able to scale a building (or simply ride a mighty wave of thunder all the way to the top). I can't help but get the feeling though that the record label maybe left this one until the last minute before they decided to do a video and a mad scramble ensued. Perhaps the summoning incantation failed the first few times and they only managed to get him in last thing on a Friday, who knows, but I would have loved to have been a fly on that particular wall.

"Oh mighty Jørn. That Kate Bush song you recorded a while back. Well, we've had a little talk and decided it's a bit 'banging'*. Any chance of a video? Problem is we need it by Monday."

I'm not saying that's what actually happened, but it's how I like to think it all went down. Anyway, enjoy the awesomeness of accompanying a rock god on a little hike through the snowy woods with our pick this week of Jorn - Running up that Hill.

* Which is what I'm assured the kids say these days. Substitute with pimpin' or cool beans according to taste.

Posted by Cooper "couldn't run up a road, let alone a building" Crawley

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