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24 Apr 2023
By Eddie "can’t close a coffin with a Rusted Nail" Hull
Walk with us through the history of melodic death metal legends In Flames and their somewhat controversial shift away from, and back to the sound they pioneered.
14 Feb 2023
By Eddie "the ghost train of love boats" Hull
Five songs to get your heart racing - for all the wrong reasons.
1 Jan 2023
By Eddie "idle hands" Hull
Most bands go out with a bang or a whimper. Whether it's simply deciding to call it a day, the death of a key member, or the band just generally deciding they can't stand each other anymore, the vast majority wrap things up in an entirely predictable way. But not always, here's a selection of odd reasons why some of the biggest bands decided to hang up their instruments.
31 Oct 2022
By Eddie "scares because he cares" Hull
Feeling brave? Then enter our chamber of horrors and inflict the strangest rock and metal music videos on your sensitive face parts.
12 Sep 2022
By Eddie "thrashbag" Hull
Thrash metal legends Megadeth are back with their sixteenth offering, but does it hold up? Let's find out!
15 Aug 2022
By Eddie "one sick puppy" Hull
Rock hardly has a history of sitting quietly and keeping to itself – it has rebellion running through its very veins, after all. But sometimes artists of the rock persuasion can go a little - or a shitload - overboard.
1 Aug 2022
By Eddie "stranger arrangements" Hull
From medieval instruments to dinosaurs, we've rounded up the weirdest in rock and metal to unleash in your ears.
25 Jul 2022
By Eddie "big hair, big words, big issues" Hull
Ghost have been listening to their classic rock tapes carefully - and it's made for a killer album in Impera.
18 Jul 2022
By Eddie "exactly where you don’t need him" Hull
Gigs get cancelled and rescheduled all the time, especially lately with the you-know-what being about and all, and there's usually a good enough reason behind it. But sometimes those reasons are downright bizarre. Come with us as we run through five of the strangest reasons why bands cancelled their shows.
30 May 2022
By Eddie "still regrets that hat" Hull
Angry about your favourite band not being as cool as they used to be? They might be on our list!
23 May 2022
By Eddie "full Mastodon" Hull
Pushed on by sadness to the hope beyond it, do Mastodon still have their mercurial musical touch?
16 May 2022
By Eddie "loves to be loved to be hated" Hull
Got a rock song related dirty secret? We've got a rundown of even more to not tell your friends you really love!
9 May 2022
By Eddie "surrender your soul and those you treasure the most" Hull
A beast of a collection from the Finnish beast collective – but does quality trump quantity?
25 Apr 2022
By Mike "man of the world" Hardcore
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard what's been going on in the Ukraine. As humble music journalists there isn't much we can do to help, but as our own personal show of solidarity with our rock brothers and sisters there, we invite you to take a look at our personal picks of some of the best rock, metal and punk songs to come out of the country.
7 Mar 2022
By Eddie "feed me 80s cheese until I die" Hull
Beast in Black take us on a trip to when music was either terrible or incredible - but what side of the coin are they on?
21 Feb 2022
By Eddie "acceptable in the 90’s" Hull
Rise Against talk getting older, passing the torch and staying angry.
14 Feb 2022
By Mike "Surly Cupid" Hardcore
Love is in the air (or is it) as we do a rundown of some of the more unusual love songs in the world of rock and metal.
7 Feb 2022
By Eddie "schlock value" Hull
Good things come in threes – have Reaktion rounded off the trilogy in their usual fashion?
26 Oct 2021
By Eddie "yes, I hate the technical snob too" Hull
Punk’s not dead… but I’m not sure how strong its pulse is on this evidence.
10 Oct 2021
By Eddie "getting all up in the Devil’s details" Hull
Have Gojira built something beautiful from the destruction going on around them?