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24 Sep 2021

Ghost - Rats

appears on Prequelle (2018)

Where the hell do you start with a band like Ghost? When your lead singer is canonically six different people (and I mean canonically fully, there’s a whole backstory to the Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia characters) and until 2017 nobody was revealing who was actually in the band, it leaves a lot of pressure to put out music that can compete with the theatricals.

Thankfully, the Swedish rockers can boast a healthy back-catalogue of absolute bangers, from more traditional metal leanings to 80’s inspired synth and melodic numbers. I’ve decided to go with Rats, from their 2018 album Prequelle, which falls into that second camp of fully self-aware 80’s cheesiness mixed with equally tongue-in-cheek metal seriousness. It’s all grease-paint and good fun and I can’t get enough of it.

A side note: apparently Dave Grohl performed with the band anonymously at one point, though frankly it would be a much quicker task to name the bands Dave Grohl hasn’t performed with at this stage wouldn’t it.

Posted by Eddie "Revolve on This" Hull

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