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1 Oct 2021

Sepultura - Manifest

appears on Chaos A.D (1993)

My mama always said, life is like Sepultura; you never know what you’re gonna get. My mum was a big new wave black metal fan, you see [citation needed].

I am, of course, referencing the Brazilian metal legends well-known revolving door policy on bandmembers, but here’s the thing; despite the constant line-up changes, the band are not only remarkably consistent, but consistently good too. Named for the Portuguese term for the act of burial, making it the most metal name possible in my opinion, Sepultura started out nearly thirty years ago with the two brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, and has been going as long without them as it did with either of them! A rare case of a band’s style managing to maintain despite the cast rotation, Sepultura are my go to for a hit of heavy goodness.

Still laced with the rough sound found in their earlier work, Chaos A.D is punch after punch and the whole thing is worth a listen. This week’s song, Manifest, is no exception; a battering ram of sound which deserves no less than your full attention. Make this the loudest thing you’ve listened to today!

Posted by Eddie "black metal, two sugars" Hull

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