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8 Oct 2021

Fear of Domination - Sick and Beautiful

appears on Metanoia (2018)

Disclaimer - if you want to watch the original video, you can find it here. Youtube wouldn't let us embed it! Something about a content warning...

NSFW - video alert on this one – there are bums aplenty (sounds like a rejected idea for a Bond girl name, but I digress) so watch this one when you get home. Or, if you work at home, watch it right now. It’s the best of both worlds!

This week’s band Fear of Domination come to us from that most sacred of metal homelands, Finland, bringing an irresistibly catchy blend of industrial metal and melodic flavouring that gets me pumped up every time they grace my headphones. The seven masked members are straight to the point on pretty much every record – they love getting it on (I assure you I’m not nearly as old as I sound) and they hate that life sometimes isn’t all that rad or tubular (seriously, I’m not even 30, I promise).

Their sound has continued to develop since their 2006 inception, so picking a random song from their back-catalogue might yield nothing like what you’re listening to right now. I must admit I’ve got a soft spot for their more recent stuff, so that’s why I’m putting Sick and Beautiful forward as my pick for Rock Song of the Week. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the bums if your boss looks over your shoulder.

Posted by Eddie "down with this sort of thing" Hull

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