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2 Jul 2021

Deathstars - Night Electric Night

appears on Night Electric Night (2009)

We’ve got ourselves a title track this week! Taken from the third studio album of Swedish heavy metallers Deathstars, this one has a little bit of a lot of stuff. Rammstein-esque growled, deep vocals, synthesised backing choirs, punchy guitars, androgyny; just about everything you’d expect, really. The band had a few big hits about a decade ago with Death Dies Hard and Blitzkreig becoming popular offerings, but I’ve gone with the song I got on a free Metal Hammer CD (that I actually still have somewhere) that introduced me to them, Night Electric Night. Come to think about it, there’s a lot of songs I really like that came on those CDs. Might have to dig them out.

Originally, this song wouldn’t have been a title track if the first name of the album, DeathGlam, had stuck around. However, thanks to Metallica releasing Death Magnetic close to them completing their recordings, the band decided to change the name. I’m glad they did, otherwise the first line of the article wouldn’t have made any sense whatsoever.

Posted by Eddie "out of the light, into the dark" Hull

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