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8 Apr 2022

Zero Cost - Moving Up

appears on Moving Up (2021)

It’s not often here at Rock Song of the Week that I can feature a band I have a personal connection with – unless, of course, you count that Don Henley out of The Eagles shares a birthday with me. Which I do count! Also, please don’t use that information to scam me.

But this week, I can claim that not only have I met the lead singer and bassist of Zero Cost, a three-piece punk outfit from the North-East of England, but I’ve also shared a stage with him – albeit, as an awkward teenager fumbling my way up and down the neck of a bass that he lent me. Yes, my performing days were, according to everyone else anyway, thankfully short lived; but my love for punk rock all started trying to remember how to plonk along to Green Day songs on that bass guitar.

Onto the song then, and it’s a cracker – an explosive reminder that everyone on the Internet is a dick and you’d do well not to listen to them. Well, not quite; it’s much more about moving past any adversity that life throws at you while you’re young and growing up, hence the decidedly educational centre-centric music video we’re also treating you to right now. Some of you will watch this video and be having all sorts of very specific nightmares about your school days and trust me, I’m right there with you.

So sit back, relax… nah, I’m just kidding. Get up, throw yourself around and thoroughly wear the tread off the tires of Moving Up, our Rock Song of the Week. Warning – may cause feelings of school dinner related nausea.

Posted by Eddie "is now marginally better at playing the bass" Hull

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