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2 Sep 2022

Filter - American Cliché

appears on The Amalgamut (2002)

For those who haven't had the pleasure of hearing this band, or perhaps you've only heard their track Take a Picture that I swear was in every other movie in the early 2000's, here's a history lesson. Filter was formed in 1993 by ex Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist Richard Patrick and guitarist and programmer Brian Liesegang. They hit the scene with a bang in '95 with their debut album Short Bus, which contained the mega hit Hey Man Nice Shot, a song which you have also definitely heard even if you're not familiar with the band.

Brian parted ways with the group in 1997, but the band continued to peddle their catchy blend of industrial rock and metal with a banger of a follow up in the form of 1999's Title of Record and, aside from a brief haitus in the mid 2000's, they've been steadily releasing albums ever since. Title of Record is where I personally joined the Filter train* so for me it would be easy to pick any of the several stand out tracks on that album, but for our pick this week I'm going to go with a track off of their third, and often considered their heaviest album The Amalgamut

So strap yourselves in and enjoy this week's Rock Song of the Week - American Cliché

* Not ashamed to admit, knowing nothing of the band at the time, it was an impulse buy purely based on the name of the album. See folks, give your album a clever name and there's at least one oddball out there who will buy it on curiosity alone.

Posted by Cooper "celebrating nothing but feeling a-ok" Crawley

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