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30 Jun 2023

Blink-182 - Mutt

appears on Enema of the State (1999)

It seemed for a period in the 90s, you couldn't walk five feet without bumping into a pop punk band.  Ok, well, it wasn't that extreme, but definitely for a solid few years punk undeniably had a comeback that was less angry and smash-the-system-y and more upbeat and lighthearted.  Right there, running naked in the middle of that resurgence was Blink-182.

Blasting out of California in the late 90's and hot on the heels of already established acts such as The Offspring and Pennywise, the trio were a little late to the party, but they definitely brought the fun.  Their second album, Dude Ranch, certainly became a must have album amongst anyone with even a passing interest in the genre at the time, but it was arguably their third album, Enema of the State that catupulted them to stardom even outside of the punk genre, which included the hits What's My Age Again (along with it's infamous video of the band running naked through the streets of Los Angeles) and All The Small Things (also along with a great video that saw the band spoofing the choreographed boyband videos that were everywhere at the time).

Mainstream success continued with a couple more albums into the 2000's before the band went on hiatus as guitarist / co-vocalist Tom DeLonge quit the band for the first time.  They've since reformed, DeLonge left again and then came back, and the good news is if you're a fan and have Iron Maiden concert levels of money to be able to bag yourself a ticket on the aftermarket, you might be able to catch them on their current tour.

Anyway, after much deliberation and a very heated game of beer pong here at the Rock Song of the Week offices, for our pick this week we've gone with "Mutt".  There's no video for this one, but it did feature in the first American Pie film (along with a cameo from the band) so you can always go and watch that after.

Go trig boy, it's your birthday...

Posted by Cooper "tried to grow his hair out" Crawley

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