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1 Apr 2022

The Rolling Stones - Miss You

appears on Some Girls (1978)

It’s mad to think, from a modern perspective anyway, that a band as giant and long-lasting as The Rolling Stones ever had a dip in form. But towards the back end of the 70s, when flares were tightening and big hair was still going nowhere fast, critics and audiences alike were starting to get a bit tired of them. Which, given the metaphor that inspired their name, seems an irony right up there with having 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

However, immortal drug god Keith Richards and pals shook off all that moss with their 1978 offering Some Girls, taking the new age of disco and the rapid rise of punk music in the UK in their stride with an album that somehow seemed as far from the classic Stones as you could get on some tracks, and a rip-roaring return to form on the rest of them.

It's a fantastic album with some time-tested classics woven through it, and we’re plonking down Miss You onto the table as our Rock Song of the Week pick, knowing full well it’s a hand that isn’t going to be beaten easily. Give it a thorough listen and enjoy that opening hook being stuck in your brain for the next two weeks. You’re welcome!

Posted by Eddie "an old man in your chardonnay" Hull

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