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25 Mar 2022

Bullet For My Valentine - Fever

appears on Fever (2010)

You know, it took me absolutely forever to realise the woman on this album cover had a crab claw for a hand. In my defence, I was fifteen when it came out, so her hands were the least of my worries!

That little bit of TMI aside, let’s get down to the business of the day (or week, I suppose!). Welsh heavy metal bringers Bullet For My Valentine might have hit the spotlight after their 2005 hit Tears Don’t Fall, but they were plugging away for a long time before than and have been for a long time since. Yes, the lads who Download Festival couldn’t get rid of for what seemed like a decade have been ripping it up for well over twenty years at this point and while their newer stuff might seem a little alien to a 2005 time-traveller, I’ve still got time for some of their recent releases when I’m in the mood!

Fever wasn’t an album that set the world alight back in 2010, but there are still plenty of tasty treats to choose from. And for my dirty money, the title track is the tastiest of them all, with tonnes of heavy BFMV sound wound around a hooky series of verses that make it an all round great track. So tasty in fact, that you can have it right now, as your Rock Song of the Week, free of charge. Don’t say we never give you anything.

Posted by Eddie "claws and effect" Hull

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