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12 Mar 2021

Straight Line Stitch - Laughing In The Rearview

appears on The Fight of Our Lives (2011)

This week we bring you some more metalcore, this time courtesy of Straight Line Stitch. Hailing from Tennessee, USA, the state that brought the world Jack Daniel's also birthed this kick ass band. With a sound that's a little more softer and soulful than some of their peers, I could argue that they represent the more accessible side of the genre. That's not to say that the thunder is not brought when needed, it most definitely is!

Whilst they haven't officially broken up (as far as I'm aware at the time of writing), the band has been inactive since 2015, but they've got a pretty solid discography of 9 EP's and albums to sink your teeth into.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure this week, I present to you Laughing in the Rearview taken from their album The Fight of Our Lives. I remember seeing them absolutely own the stage with one in the early 2010's when they toured the UK with Lacuna Coil and was definitely the stand out track of the night. Enjoy!

Posted by Cooper "Will Never, Never Escape!" Crawley

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