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19 Mar 2021

System of a Down - War?

appears on System of a Down (1998)

Wake up! Wassywassywoshywoshy make up!

Arguably, Chop Suey by Armenian-American metallers S.O.A.D is the Come on Eileen of drunken rockers, so it seems like such an obvious choice for our showcase when the band's name came up. Never can that song be played in any kind of rock venue after midnight and not have at closing part accompanied by a singalong from some of the hairiest people you'll ever see crammed together in a room (pre plague of course .. how I miss those days). But no! Dear reader / listener / person who accidentally stumbled in here, it's too obvious of a choice. Toxicity can wait in the wings as well.

The first track that pulled me into System of a Down was Sugar, which I heard in a record store shortly after their first album dropped many many years ago (for the youngsters in here, a record store was ... well ...). It was an immediate purchase and probably didn't leave the CD player* in my car for a month.

My point is S.O.A.D have been around for a while and, whilst their self titled debut was a solid album, the band really hit the big time with their follow up, Toxicity, where the aforementioned Chop Suey came from. So what's it going to be this week? Sugar? Maybe something off the critically acclaimed Mezmerize or Hypnotize albums?.

Nope .. Let's go with War? .. one of the other stand out tracks from their debut album, which gamers out there might also recognize from the fairly-run-of-the-mill-but-starring-Bruce-Willis PS1 game Apocalypse. Enjoy!

* I'll date this reference even further by mentioning that the CD player was actually a portable one rigged up by a cassette adaptor, which would inevitably skip every time we hit a bump.

Posted by Cooper "Got Stuck in the Sky" Crawley

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