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5 Mar 2021

Sum 41 - A Death In The Family

appears on Order in Decline (2019)

Carrying on the 90's punk theme this week with another band that rose to fame back then. Canadian rockers Sum 41 have been rocking it for close to 30 years now and had a hit practically straight out of the gates with the release of their first full length album, All Killer No Filler. It contained their party anthems "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep" which were prominently featured in American Pie 2, amongst other films at the time. Unfortunately success was a double edged sword as the band very quickly got pigeonholed as a "party band" by many and their later, arguably more mature (and in my humble opinion, better) releases achieved some success but never quite captured the same spotlight.

That's not to say that "All Killer No Filler" isn't a good album, it is, and it's a fun one at that. But there's definitely a good evolution in their subsequent ones which is worth checking out if you never delved deeper than "that high school song".

So for this week, I've picked a cracking track from their most recent album. Here's A Death In The Family, the second single from 2019's Order In Decline (and as with most of our picks, I thoroughly recommend checking out the whole album).

Posted by Cooper "Will Eat You Alive" Crawley

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