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27 Aug 2021

Spineshank - Infected

appears on Infected (2020)

There’s a good chance you’ll think there’s a typo in the date this song was released after you listen to it. Surely it didn’t come out in 2020, you think, as the unmistakeable nu-metal hallmarks wash over you, like so much water off of the back of a duck with a leather trenchcoat on. They must have meant 2002, you ponder, scratching at your eyebrow ring in confusion. And wait a minute, Spineshank stopped being a band in 2016, you add, somehow knowing that without knowing about this song being released. Well, fear not, because you’d be completely right about it sounding out of time!

See, Los Angeles born rockers Spineshank did in fact release this song in 2020 as a single – but it existed a long time before that. They initially released it as a Japanese-exclusive bonus track on their 2003 album Self-Destructive Pattern, so if you’re a Japanese nu-metal fan reading this, all that set up just now might be lost on you. For everyone else, now that nu-metal is back where it lives and the world feels right again, take some time to enjoy this one as intended – loud.

Posted by Eddie "will die doing what he loves" Hull

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