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21 Apr 2023

Reel Big Fish - Beer

appears on Turn The Radio Off (1996)

Requirement checklist for this week’s Rock Song of the Week pick are in, check them out below:

  • Some variety of canvas shoe

  • Trousers that are too large or a size too small, preferably with a chequerboard pattern

  • Being able to get your knees above your waist


Don’t fret if you can’t manage two out of three of these (we haven’t had our knees above our waist in the RSOTW office since our ill-fated and surprisingly fatal roly-poly competition) then don’t panic, ska punk is hardly the most unwelcoming of genres. And when it comes to ska punk, Reel Big Fish embody their namesake; they might be the ska-punk-iest thing since the trumpet was invented.

Bopping along to the beat since the explosion of third wave ska in California in the 1990s, Reel Big Fish have been swinging their enormous horns with the best of them ever since. With their instantly recognisable sound, the band have dominated the scene with a handful of earworms so potent that halfpipes in skateparks might be sick of it if they had ears. There are few bands that can claim to have had such a strong impact on the genre as Reel Big Fish and, while often derided, it’s hard to say that they haven’t mastered the power of a damn catchy tune.


So, in the spirit of ska catchiness, we’ve picked the granddaddy of ska punk anthems to brighten up whatever kind of Friday you’re having right now. If it’s bad, there’s no way it doesn’t get better listening to this. If it’s already good, hell, it’s still probably going to get better listening to this. Grab the nearest beer (or coffee, if you’re still in the office) and crank this one skyward.

Posted by Eddie "pick it up, up" Hull

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