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13 Aug 2021

Poets of the Fall - Fire

appears on Carnival of Rust (2006)

If I had to name a more fruitful combo than “Finland and rock music”, I would say that “Poets of the Fall and video game soundtracks” are right up there. The Finnish band, formed in 2003 in Helsinki, have no less than seven tracks in games to date – as two different bands even; themselves, and Old Gods of Asgard (who, if you want to listen to any of their alter-ego releases, put out their best one in Take Control). Forget the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they’ve even got a song in a 3D benchmarking software; that’s how you know you’ve made it in this industry.

I’ve picked Fire, the opening track from their 2006 effort Carnival of Rust from a whole host of songs that were worthy to select from that album alone. I was originally going to choose the title track itself, but after listening to the whole album through again I was reminded just how much I love Fire as an opener. It’s a slow start, but one that builds up and sets the tone for the rest of the album fantastically. Give it a go!

Posted by Eddie "Forever Picking" Hull

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