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6 Aug 2021

Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough

appears on Phobia (2006)

Time for a tangentially relevant fact about me – I was absolutely sure that this song was on the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned – the, let’s say, “not closely associated with being any good” film from 2002. I had the discussion before, during and after watching the film with my girlfriend and she assured me, in no uncertain terms, that it definitely wasn’t in the film at any point. Now, like the caring partner I am, I didn’t listen. Rather than watch the film again (because I would do literally anything to avoid watching Queen of the Damned again), I just loosely assumed it was in the film, and life went on, blissfully unaware that I was completely making up the fact that the song was on the soundtrack.

Here comes the six degrees of Kevin Bacon-style twist in the plot. The song Cage the Beast by the band Adelitas Way bears more than a striking resemblance in parts to Had Enough when you listen to them back to back, or if you heard one ten years ago and instantly recognised it being similar to the other. It’s quite obvious, is what I’m saying. Now, rhythm guitarist Keith Wallen, who co-wrote the song Cage the Beast, is no longer a member of Adelitas Way, as he left them in 2015. Care to guess which band he joined after that? Yes, Breaking Benjamin, for their new album after a long hiatus. Playing alongside Wallen for that album was Jasen Rauch, a well-known guitarist who produced and played bass for the band Love and Death, fronted by Brian “Head” Welch of Korn fame. And it just so happens Brian Welch was a session musician for a certain soundtrack album, for a certain crap 2002 vampire film. I don’t think I need to say the title again.

Now you could say that all of these musicians, who play in bands that are active in similar genres of music, more than likely move in the same circles. You know, if you’re some sort of sheep. Hear me out; every rock musician alive or dead can be linked to Queen of the Damned in some way. Your move, government agencies. Leave this up, I dare you!

So yeah, here’s this week’s Rock Song of the Week; Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin. Try not to let it lead you down a Wikipedia rabbit hole for two hours like it did for me.

Posted by Eddie "Woke to the Truth" Hull

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