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11 Jun 2021

No Use For A Name - Biggest Lie

appears on The Feel Good Record Of The Year (2008)

If I had my way, this site would have been called “Punk Song Of The Week, Once Again From A Band Who Were Formed In California, Otherwise Commonly Known As ‘THE CAPITOL OF PUNK’”, but the acronym would be way too long and contain an unintentional rude word if you took all of the commas out. My love of the genre is well known and for anyone else who feels the same way, No Use For A Name must be up there as one of the top dogs as they are for me.

It’s been nearly ten years since front man Tony Sly died, and in the time since I still don’t think I’ve heard many if any bands that played, sang and breathed the energy that they did. It’s testament to his talent and ability that after ten years the outpouring of emotion around his death is still so strong – he was a true legend of the genre and the band he fronted was one of the best at what they did. So, this week’s song is one of my favourites of theirs, Biggest Lie, taken from the last album they released.

Posted by Eddie "dances for love, but sometimes for money" Hull

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