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4 Jun 2021

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

appears on Pussy Whipped (1993)

With The Linda Lindas a recent viral sensation for their library performance of “Racist, Sexist Boy,” wearing shirts from Kathleen Hanna’s own t-shirt company, it seemed like a good time for a Bikini Kill post. For those who don’t already know, Bikini Kill was formed in Olympia, WA in 1990 by Kathleen Hanna (vocals), Billy Karen (guitar), Kathi Wilcox (bass), and Tobi Vail (drums), and they were the pioneers of the Riot Grrrl scene and movement, screaming into mics, thrashing on stage, and leaping into the audience to personally remove disruptive hecklers. These ladies were, and still are, some proper badasses, and their unapologetically feminist lyrics, attitude, and overall demeanor made a substantial impact on the national scene.

I was torn between Rebel Girl and Suck My Left One, because they’re both so great, but Rebel Girl embodies so much of Bikini Kill’s message, and the video’s great, and I just had to. Pussy Whipped was the band’s first “proper” album, but it’s worth picking up The First Two Records if you find it. The quality isn't quite as good, but it’s a double EP, so what do you want? Bikini Kill are grrl-powered punk rock, and they continue to inspire and influence men and women making music, including the amazing, The Linda Lindas.

Posted by Mike "Now with more Gin" Hardcore