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19 Jan 2024

Main-De-Gloire - Cry

appears on THIS IS REALITY MMXX1 (2021)

Alright, hands up, who had Belarusian post-hardcore with generous lashings of dubstep and drum and bass on their Friday bingo card? Given how niche any four-word part of that sentence would be on its own, if I see more than three hands I’m assuming there’s a mutant or at least one and a half liars out there. There’s something undeniably moreish about mixing traditional rock and metal with something a little on the electronic side of life, though, isn’t there? Main-De-Gloire are of the indelible opinion that, yes, it’s pretty banging.

Hell, the band have been distributing a heady blend of hard-hitting vibrations since their inception in 2008. The current four man line-up haven’t taken any amount of feet off of the heavy metal pedal, either; their latest full length, which we have carefully sourced our Rock Song of the Week pick this time around, is proverbials to the wall in every direction. Huge rock breakdowns smashing up against booming bass and enough wub-wub noises to annoy every person over 50 years old in the immediate postcode – just the way we like it.

So fear not, because whatever energy that might have drained out of you over the course of this last week is about to be injected into you by the loudest needle in the entire world. As always, we implore you to give this one a listen in full - “Cry” is a no-nonsense excuse to get up and throw yourself around. Or, you know, quietly bob your head at your desk as you’re listening to it on headphones in the office on a Friday morning. It’s the thought that counts, really.

Posted by Eddie "handy-dandy-glory" Hull

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