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26 Jan 2024

Death and Legacy - Hellfire

appears on Inf3rno (2020)

It seems these days the yardstick to measure a modern metal band act's success against is whether or not they've done a song featuring guest vocals from the legendary Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork fame.  Seriously, do a search and you'll get the impression that the guy is just perpetually singing and merely gets pointed from one recording studio to another.  I can't blame him though, if I had that voice, I wouldn't keep quiet either.

So that brings us to the band we're shining our spotlight on this week, Death and Legacy, a female fronted five piece melodic death metal act hailing from Zamora, Spain who have been definitely making their presence known across the European festival scene as of late.  For good reason too.  Whilst the band definitely walk the same walk as many a melodeath band before them, they definitely bring an energy back to a genre that has been flagging a bit as of late.  Think the energy and pacing of Children of Bodom with the stage presence of Arch Enemy.  And of course they did a track with the aforementioned Mr Strid on their most recent album, so this is definitely a group that's going places.

For our pick this week the obvious choice would be to go with that track (which is called Damned by the way), but in this humble writer's opinion it's not the best track on the album despite being the opener.  No, we're not even going with one from that album, we're going back an album to their 2020 release Inf3rno and picking a little banger of a track called Hellfire.  Enjoy!

Posted by Cooper "h1d1ng 1n th3 bu5hes" Crawley

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