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12 Jan 2024

Gravity Kills - Falling

appears on Falling (1998)

The mid 90s were awash with gritty industrial tinged, angry rock, as Nine Inch Nails well and truly kicked open the door and bought the sound into the mainstream.  It was something of a golden age for any discerning rock fan who was tired of the flashy excess of the 80s but not quite into plaid enough to fully commit to grunge.  And for a brief period it was everywhere, indeed, pick up the soundtrack to any big budget action or horror movie from '94 to 2000 and there's a solid chance there's a bit of Filter, Orgy, Static-X or Stabbing Westward on there.

Amongst these acts were Gravity Kills, who whilst never quite hit the same heights as their peers, definitely stood out from the pack with a distinctive take on the genre.  Hailing from St Louis, Missouri the band were only active for around 9 years before calling it a day (though they've recently reunited) during which time they cranked out 3 reasonably solid albums (one of which featured a cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" which was unfortunately overshadowed by, but in this humble author's opinion is superior to the version by Marylin Manson released around the same time).

The obvious choice for our pick of the week would be to go with their breakout track "Guilty", but whilst that's a good track, we're going to go with the slightly grittier "Falling" taken from their second album Perversion.  So sit back and let this one give you the fuel you need to get through another Friday!

Posted by Cooper "once had the hair for it" Crawley

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