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5 Jan 2024

Elder - Dead Roots Stirring

appears on Dead Roots Stirring (2011)

We hope you’ve got a decently long lunch break for this week’s pick because, depending on your shift, you might only get three listens. You might not even manage that in some workspaces – if that’s not a demanding indictment on modern workplace culture, we don’t know what is. Though the same could be said for the length of plenty of progressive rock and metal, granted. One time, I had to book a holiday day to listen to a Best of Dream Theater album from start to finish.

Thankfully, though, Elder have a knack for making time melt away; fading into the aether on the back of soaring and, semi-paradoxically, huge riffs that will knock you out of your chair. The Massachusetts-born band have been spanning the cosmos with their personal blend of big meets wide since 2006 and boy do they know how to lay down a track. Theirs is a masterful combination of two diametric worlds that combines an even larger set of era-spanning psychedelic good stuff within. They’re really bloody good, is what we’re clumsily striking at with some nice word-ing.

Now that Friday has rolled around again you might already be feeling like you need to float away on a bed of static and distortion. If that’s the case, Elder just might be the band for you. Dead Roots Stirring might just be the long course of medication you need, too, to clear up the issues you’ve been having with no way to drift/only listening to rubbish music. We’re not doctors, but we know that an eleven minute rock song a day keeps most of your troubles away. We’re also scared of apples, but that’s a metaphor we’d rather not get into right now.

Posted by Eddie "it’s what you do with it" Hull

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