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4 Aug 2023

Emigrate - My World

appears on Emigrate (2007)

On the first listen of any of Emigrate’s punchy, electronic infused neck breakers, you could be forgiven for thinking it sounded a little familiar. That familiarity is compounded further by the appearance of Til Lindemann on most of them, which in turn sort of gives the game away that they’re a Rammstein-related affair. It was hardly subtle to begin with – though that does seem fitting, given the band at hand.

The brainchild of Richard Kruspe, Rammstein’s lead guitarist and botherer of the local fire department wherever they tour, Emigrate is certainly rooted in that industrial metal, hammer-down mentality that the German bombard crew love so much. It hits hard and it hits fast when it comes to the sonic elements, putting extra holes in ears the world over – but Emigrate does have its own USPs. Lyrically, they’re much more emotive, with songs ranging from the love a parent feels for a child to a woman’s viewpoint on a world with a faster downhill trajectory than the Jamaicans in Cool Runnings – the musings of lead songwriter Caron Bernstein. Makes a bit of a change from songs about cannibal murderers eating genitals, though I’ve not listened to Emigrate’s entire back catalogue; apologies to Caron if there is one of those and they’re particularly proud of it.

So if you love your music to be like your eras of England (in this case Industrial, not one of the worse ones) then listen no further as “My World” is going to get that heart rate up and those hands turning your desk/dashboard/upper thighs into your own personal drum kit. Everything below the 10 on the volume dial is forbidden, so you know what to do.

Posted by Eddie "Hell's expat" Hull

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