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18 Sep 2020

In Flames - Black and White

appears on Reroute to Remain (2002)

In Flames are one of the bigger bands to come out of the famous Gothenburg metal scene of the late 90's. Over the years they've mellowed their sound a bit, from melodic death metal to alternative metal and more recently toward .. well .. something else. It's a move that's been a bit divisive with fans of their earlier work, to which we say "fair enough" and "you do know there's other bands out there that still sound like In Flames from the 90's, right?".

So this week we've gone with a track from the middle ground of their genre shift, Black and White, the last track from their 2002 album Reroute to Remain. In our humble opinion, the album itself makes a nice middle ground between the grit and high energy of their earlier stuff and the more mainstream sound of their later work (translation: it's pretty f*****g solid)

Posted by Cooper "Waits in the Bushes" Crawley

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