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11 Aug 2023

Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead

appears on Dopes to Infinity (1995)

Here at Rock Song of the Week, we’re not the sort of low-effort rag who churn out cheap, drug-related jokes every time the mention of a stoner band is made. No, we’re cut from far finer cloth than that, believe you me, and we figure its high time others make a joint effort to weed out the… wait, did I say the quiet part out loud right at the end there? Shit, never mind.

While the low hanging fruit is always the easiest to pulp with giant, uncaring fingers, it does mean that some of the juicer morsels wind up being missed out on. Take Monster Magnet, for example. They’re likely to be a band you’re probably very well versed with if you’re part of the stoner rock scene or had ears and access to MTV after the year 1998 – along with acts like Kyuss, Sleep, Fu Manchu and Nebula they practically carved out the entire genre for themselves. However, in the grand scheme of things the New Jersey, USA rockers were overlooked for a long while before that. Subculture issues? Hard to say. What’s easy to say is that they’re a great band with all manner of laid-back bangers, and therein lies the sweetest fruit of all.

So as part of a very, VERY late and entirely futile push to spotlight a band who have already achieved mainstream popularity (in no small part on our end due to that terrible stoner bit earlier in the article), we bring you the excellent “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” as our Rock Song of the Week pick this full-blooded Friday. Do not adjust your speakers, because this transmission is supposed to be all out fuzzy.

Posted by Eddie "feels so bohemian" Hull

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