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11 Feb 2022

Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)

appears on White Pony (2000)

Here’s a fun fact for all you lovely readers; apparently, the soundtrack to the film Little Nicky was a metalhead’s wet dream. I genuinely don’t remember it ever being so good! Disturbed, Linkin Park, P.O.D, Incubus, Powerman 5000… oh, and a little band called Deftones. Remember them? I should sure as hell hope so!

Yes, besides being the band with one of my favourite autocomplete options when you search for them (Is Deftones an emo? I hope one day the scientists of the world come together to solve that one), Deftones are an enduring force of nature that have graced us with their crushing alt-metal and more for over thirty years now. They’re a band that have defied labels over the years, being most closely associated with alternative and nu-metal (although lead singer Chino Moreno might kick your ass if you use the dreaded nu-word around him).

Where lesser bands have gone out on a limb with experimentation and fallen at the first hurdle, Deftones have turned inconsistency into a consistent art form that, for a good while, left you genuinely wondering what they were going to come out with next.

To brass tacks, then! Our pick for the song of the week is possibly their most well known effort from one of their highest rated albums, Change (In the House of Flies). It’s moody, punishing and heavy and doesn’t it just trigger that urge to bob your head along no matter where you are?

They’re not everyone’s cup of Jack Daniels – the band themselves are well aware of that – but if I’m ever feeling like I want to do some serious head bobbing, I always turn the dial to Deftones. I hope that you share the same sentiment! Just don’t mention “Queen of the Damned” now I’ve mentioned film soundtracks that they feature on. I’ve been more than thorough in letting the people know my opinions of that particular cultural milestone.

Posted by Eddie "oh, like tone deaf, I get it now" Hull

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