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4 Feb 2022

Maximum the Hormone - Bu-ikikaesu!!

appears on Bu-ikikaesu (2007)

(Authors note – the embedded Youtube video isn’t the official video for this song, just the best fan video I could find. If you want to see the official one, I spent a good long time trying to find somewhere it had been uploaded, and found this one. It’s not an official source either, but enjoy it all the same!)

I was introduced to this weeks band, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE (capital letters are a must!) a long time ago and there hasn’t been a day that’s passed since then they haven’t been stuck in my head. The Japanese four-piece are… rock? Nu-metal? Rap-rock? Punk? All of it? Think of them along the lines of a slightly zanier System of a Down and you’ll know a little more about what to expect. They’ve incorporated everything from heavy metal to ska into their act over the years and are one of a few bands who I’ll tell people to just listen to, rather than have my attempt at describing them not do them any justice.

It’s impossible not to love them and I’m sure that this week’s song of the week, Bu-ikikaesu!!, will act as a worthy introduction to those who haven’t heard of them, and just a great track for those who have. The song is in Japanese, by the way, which in no way affects how good it sounds, but please don’t ask me what the words mean as I’ve learned it phonetically after so many years of repeated listening.

Posted by Eddie "not safe for work" Hull

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