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7 Jan 2022

Bad Religion - Fertile Crescent

appears on Generator (1992)

There’s not a lot I can say about Bad Religion that hasn’t already been said, given they’ve been kicking around for 40 years now. And, now more than ever, we need some of their wisdom (though they’ll be sure to tell you to not take advice from a punk rock song). But their influence has been around almost as long as they have; ever listened to any melodic rock or punk artist from the last 20-ish years? I can guarantee they had a copy of Suffer, and that says more than anyone could.

Let’s take a trip back to 1992, when Generator was punching holes in speakers all over California. I could so easily have picked the title track for this week’s article, given that it’s the song equivalent of a synopsis for the band (and it kicks ass, like, the most ass). But I settled on one of my favourites from their back catalogue as it’s not one a lot of people unfamiliar with the band get to hear. It’s short and sweet and it’s this weeks Song of the Week.

Posted by Eddie "likes his riffs like his lettuce – shredded" Hull

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