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14 Jan 2022

The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

appears on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995)

While the name of this week’s band might be the worst answer to the question, “What’s your favourite part of a woman?”, they are probably the best answer to the question “Which alt-rock band formed in the late 80s does this Rock Song of the Week article belong to?”. Hey, I didn’t say it was the best question as well.

It’s testament to how prolific Billy Corgan and the Gourd Breakers are, in fact, that they spoiled me for choice beyond any remembrance I had of just how many fantastic tracks they have. Mayonaise, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, pretty much the entire Siamese Dream album; they’ve got more gold than an all-prospector Spandau Ballet tribute act. They even released a new album at the end of last year, which I could generously describe as “fine” if I was feeling catty, but more serves the point of the longevity of the band.

In the end, I settled on Zero which, while definitely not a deep cut of The Excellent Squashes – it’s sitting on a pretty hefty sixty-three million plays on Spotify as we speak, but that number can always go higher! – it’s the song that I always stick on when I feel like I want to mosh around the house in a less violent way, like if I have to dust the mantelpiece with all the fragile stuff on it but still want to have an edge.

I’m so rock and roll, trust me. Anyway! Put music in your earholes and enjoy it, go!

Posted by Eddie "the rat in the hat, with the rage in the cage" Hull

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