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19 Aug 2022

Car Bomb - Lights Out

appears on Meta (2016)

Alright, how heavy do you want it? Because this week we are ignoring the dial completely and plugging our headphones straight into the output of some sort of natural disaster.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard the term “mathcore”, I assumed it was a joke. When I listened to it for the first time, well, it didn’t do much to sway my opinion. “It’s like jazz, but really angry” was the gist of what I remember thinking. However, I’ve been finding myself more and more drawn to the subgenre. A big part of that was discovering Car Bomb, the New York band that sounds like Meshuggah occasionally forgot what time signature they were supposed to be following.

Jokes aside, I promise you that this is absolutely skull-crushing stuff. Whatever technical wizardry goes on behind the scenes in their studio means they’re playing music I didn’t even think could be this heavy. Give something like Scattered Sprites by them a listen and see what I mean!

But for this week, we’re taking a trip back a few years to Lights Out. If you are brand new to Mathcore as a genre, it might sound a little “off” at first, but that’s totally normal. Give it a few goes and suddenly it all comes together and transforms into this technically incredible stomper that blows me away every time. This is the sort of song that makes me want to get back into a pit as soon as possible, so I can catch an elbow to that soft part of my face under my ear. Or have some guy windmill his sweaty hair into my mouth by accident.

Man, pits really are the best, but also worst thing, aren’t they?

Posted by Eddie "has never been so excited by maths" Hull

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