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8 Dec 2023

Warrant - All My Bridges Are Burning

appears on Dog Eat Dog (1992)

If you’re the sort of long haired, rock and or roll lover with a taste for how the genre used to be, then do we have an old school treat for you today in more ways than one. For starters, check out the website link above and tell me it doesn’t transport you to a time where portable music was still taking baby steps, and where your computer mouse had an actual ball in it that you’d have to take out and clean. Some things truly are best left in the past.

Musically, however, there’s no excuse to be leaving Warrant in the dust and debris of the early 90s wasteland. Though, if we are being honest, they were already moving towards the tipping point of being out of time themselves by that point. Glam metal had begun to shift into the grunge-era, experiencing all the huge tonal shifts and different varieties of long hair that came with it. That absolutely did not stop them releasing a Gold album in Dog Eat Dog in 1992, however, which is a better testament to the power of hairspray and incredibly tight clothing than we could ever find a way to summarise.

Which leaves us All My Bridges Are Burning, a frankly frighteningly catchy bit of nostalgia that brings the big harmonies and classic glam metal sound in a wave that might make you feel like rebelling against your parents right here and now. It’s our throwback Rock Song of the Week pick and, with any luck, it’ll give you the pleasure of a simpler three or so minutes of time to really headbang like it’s period appropriate. Which is to say, any given three and a half minute period since the song came out.

Posted by Eddie "warrant for your detest" Hull

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