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1 Dec 2023

Nerf Herder - Pantera Fans In Love

appears on How to Meet Girls (2000)

Nerf Herder is a Star Wars reference, so I'm told (yes, dear reader, as much of a cinephile as I claim to be, I've never actually watched Empire Strikes Back and I'm aware that having only seen Return of the Jedi, I owe myself that much at least).  It's also the name of a band, who adopted it from said films and applied it to their unique blend of what they self describe as "geek rock".  If you haven't heard of that particular subgenre, well, you're in for a fun time .. and fun is definitely what these guys are all about.  Take the catchiest bits of punk, but instead venting anger at society, they're more about a tounge in cheek take on everything from sci-fi and late 90's pop culture to sniffing panties and leaving behind a great obituary.  Think Sum 41 meets Weird Al..

Oh, and interesting bit of trivia, they were also responsible for the awesome intro music for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, which is worth checking out.  I thought about picking that one for the song of the week, but since someone mentioned to me recently that we haven't picked any heavy metal tunes recently, I figured a good pick would be Pantera Fans In Love.  Enjoy! 

Posted by Cooper "left a stain on your teddy bear" Crawley

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