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20 Jan 2023

Tyketto - Forever Young

appears on Don’t Come Easy (1991)

The transition between the late eighties and the early nineties was a bit of a Wild West situation when it came to rock music. I don’t blame many bands for trying to hang on to what they had; if I had hair like even 1/5th of The Scorpions, you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming out of the era too. But while you had bands that clung desperately to that definitive eighties hard rock aesthetic and sound, while the walls of grunge rose moodily around them, others adapted to the rapidly shifting landscape.

Tyketto weren’t a band that succeeded on that front. Not for a lack of trying; their debut album Don’t Come Easy would have slayed even the most grumpy of music video dads just a few years prior. Unfortunately, in the land of 1991, where bands like Nirvana were already squashing the old guard out of the public consciousness like jam from a particularly full sandwich, Tyketto fell between the cracks. Sliding into that early nineties zone occupied so prominently by bands like Bon Jovi, who embraced the change needed to survive in a post-spandex landscape, was not as easy as the AOR acts made it look.

However, here at Rock Song of the Week, we never leave a good man behind. No, not even if the man was only good once and then was sort of average a lot after that. Here, we celebrate the big and the bold, the last bastions, and Forever Young is exactly that. A fun bit of decade crossover music with enough hook to empty an aquarium, it Is guaranteed to raise a smile and prompt some thoughts of the glory days. Tyketto might have only hit the nail on the head once, but they hit it hard enough to drive it through the piece of wood and into the basement of the workshop. And now, it is the latest in our weekly gifts to you, the rock and metal lovers. Go forth, and turn the speakers up to the highest level imaginable! (Protect those ears, though. You only get one set).

Posted by Eddie "temporarily old" Hull

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