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14 May 2021

The Temperance Movement - Built-In Forgetter

appears on The Temperance Movement (2018)

There’s something innately comforting about blues rock, isn’t there? Headphones on, stiff drink in hand and letting the warm tones wash the shadows away from the day – it’s like a campfire in the woods at night, or a storage heater in a particularly draughty caravan.

I make no exception for The Temperance Movement, this week’s Song of the Week focus. The band were formed in Scotland in 2011 and started as they meant to go on – a fusion of blues and hard rock that soothes and inflames in equal measure. The song I’ve picked is Built-In Forgetter from their 2018 album A Deeper Cut and it’s everything you’d want for a good break from the world. Their back-catalogue has plenty of belters that I’d recommend going through too!

Unfortunately, founding member and singer Phil Campbell left the band in 2020 to pursue another musical project, The Byson Family, leaving the future of the band uncertain. So pour out a spine straightener in possible remembrance (ironic with the song title, I know), stick your headphones on and let this one wash over you. You’ve earned it.

Posted by Eddie "workin’ nine to quarter past one" Hull

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