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3 Nov 2023

The Darkness - Last of Our Kind

appears on Last of Our Kind (2015)

Back in the day, there was a lot of talk about The Darkness in the same breath as Mountain or Twisted Sister – a one hit wonder (yes, Twisted Sister were a one hit wonder; you’ve just heard We’re Not Gonna Take It so many times it feels like it should be six different songs by now). The English rock band’s breakout hit, I Believe In A Thing Called Love, was an overnight sensation that charted worldwide and catapulted their debut album starward, though nothing really came of the other tracks in terms of radio play etc. The one-hit sentiment was only further compounded by the release of a Christmas single, which would then have put them in the same breath as Slade. Not sure which direction that one can be classified as, really.

However, it turns out that not only was that Christmas single one of the best all time Christmas rock and roll songs ever released (I’ll fight anyone personally on that front), but it marked a point at which it was impossible to write The Darkness off anymore. They strung together a slew of good, fun hits and albums fronted by the instantly recognisable Justin Hawkins and their blend of Queen, Marillion and AC/DC style rock became a staple classic rock play, though definitely more so internationally than in their home country.

Now that we’ve got the history covered, it’s time to open those face holes wide, folks, because we’re sliding a big old slice of good time to you for our Rock Song of the Week pick in “Last of Our Kind”. Yet another big piece of solid rock fun, this one will have you raising a minimum of two fists in the air and it’s our gift to you. Free, gratis, a true act of benevolence in this crazy world. Not simply because this one is an absolute anthem to ring in whatever activities you have planned for when that clock hits whatever magical time you punch out, but because we care. Now, headbang until your brain turns to paste, please.

Posted by Eddie "surprisingly rare" Hull

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