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3 Feb 2023

Sleep Token - Alkaline

appears on This Place Will Become Your Tomb (2021)

Performance art can be one person’s trash and another’s treasure. Music has a long and storied history with the more performative aspects of creativity, after all; there’s no real definitive way to tell what constitutes what. Whether or not some of them are actual artistic expression, or simply shitting everywhere and making the audience eat it (yes, G.G. Allin, unless Simply Red have changed their game in the last few years) is an entirely subjective matter – though erring against the poo side of things is generally observed in our offices.

Thankfully, some performers are a little more chill with their antics. And while with a name like Sleep Token you’d expect nothing but light cozy vibes and fluffy pillows, you’d also be pleasantly surprised by just how hard they turn things up in their uniquely ambient, alt-metal style. The band have been knocking around since 2016 as a “collective”, keeping their identities secret and adhering to a strict kayfabe of being referred to as a vessel for the musings of a higher power named Sleep. That’s the performative aspect of the whole deal, but you might be wondering what their experimental style sounds like when it’s at home. Well, wonder no longer; we’ve got a track right here for you!

A slow-burning, atmospheric climb that releases in a heavy onslaught of guitar, drums and wonderful vocal work, our Rock Song of the Week pick this time around is the delightful Alkaline, one that is highly recommended to give a good handful of listens to wrap your head around. It’s something a little different, sure, and not the rock and/or roll your parents listened to, but it’s an experience that’s well worth the price of admission. As in, three minutes of your time. And at least we’re not making anyone eat anyone else’s bodily functions, so I’d chalk that up as a good Friday all around, honestly.

Posted by Eddie "the Teeth Fairy" Hull

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