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16 Apr 2021

Brothers of Metal - Yggdrasil

appears on Prophecy of Ragnarök (2017)

Other than taking a holiday to Northern Europe, there's not much that isn't improved by pretending to be a Viking. Drinking mead from giant horns, battling for the glory of Valhalla – all this and more I've imagined while safely tucked behind my desk in the office. And while these glorious fantasies play out, Brothers of Metal are never far from the soundtrack.

Born from Falun in Sweden, this 8-piece power metal outfit walk the walk and talk the talk, with wall to wall furs and a promise to “keep the flames of true metal burning”; a promise which their heavy riffs and melodic folk elements go a long way to keeping. They have two albums under their belt, their latest from 2020 but I'm pulling this week's song, “Yggdrasil” from their 2017 release “Prophecy of Ragnarök”. I'd also recommend enjoying the very thematic (if a little cheesy) video, where the band keep alive the old Viking tradition of awkwardly standing next to a lake. Make no mistake though, the song is worthy of a warrior!

Posted by Eddie "Renting the apartment above Satan's" Hull

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