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2 Apr 2021

Shinedown - Devour

appears on The Sound of Madness (2008)

Arguably the only redeeming part of that 3D Final Destination film* is the opening sequence, soundtracked with Devour by Shinedown. And what a coincidence, that happens to be our song of the week this week!

Shinedown is a rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, USA, aka the town that also gave birth to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Musically speaking they've been labelled as quite a few things over their 20 year career, with the sound of their 6 albums jumping a bit from almost nu-metal on their earliest, to even adopting a more pop rock sound on their most recent ones. Devour though, is the lead track off their 2008 album, The Sound of Madness and is in my opinion their standout album to date. Enjoy!

* with the other possible exception being the part where the dude gets, shall we say, eaten by a pool filter of course. Spoilers!

Posted by Cooper "Shouldn't be allowed to explain" Crawley

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