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19 May 2023

Rise of the Northstar - Again And Again

appears on Welcome (2014)

What do you think of when you hear the word “heavy”? If the answer to that was “your mum”, then congratulations on taking that opportunity with both hands. If the answer instead was Rise of the Northstar, then also congratulations, because you know your metal onions. Which would also be pretty heavy, actually.

In case that point needed to be made any finer, when Gojira are talking about just how skull-crushing you are in casual conversation, you can rest assured you’ve made it to the tippy top of the heavy pile. Rise of the Northstar are a Japanese-inspired, French born and ass-kicking raised five piece who simply do not understand the meaning of the word gentle. Every track is a rager, a banger or a dancefloor annihilator, fusing metal and hardcore with their own brand of hip-hop infused beatdown. When they say move, you say “I’m being thrown around this pit whether I want to or not and having a great time doing it”.

So give HR a heads up and start smashing up some office furniture (note: we don’t advise this unless you work at home, but hey, we’re not cops either) because Again and Again, our Rock Song of the Week pick, is guaranteed to start a riot if left to play for more than a few minutes. Anyone still left in their seats by the end of this one will be summoned to the High Court of Metal to have their headbanging licence revoked.

Posted by Eddie "his mum worries about this phase" Hull

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