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26 May 2023

Kissin’ Dynamite - Superhuman

appears on Ecstasy (2018)

Honestly, kissing dynamite just seems wholly irresponsible to me. The stuff is used for blast mining, for crying out loud, don’t they know that it’s dangero… what’s that? Kissin’ Dynamite are named after an AC/DC song? Well, that’s obvious enough, but… what’s that? Kissin’ Dynamite is a euphemism for sexual activity? Well, you learn something new every day.

That terrible bit aside, the name is a perfect fit the high energy German rockers, who take that distinct arena rock sound from perhaps the frizziest of metal’s hair eras and crank it up to a full eleven and then some. It oozes melody and hooks, pumping out a catchy riff for seemingly every syllable uttered, proper throwback stuff. The band still have the same five members they started with back in 2007, which is pretty impressive for a rock or metal band these days – no drug related bust ups or sulky fallings out; very wholesome for a band named after no subtle amount of sexual activity.

Packed with so much 80s radio rock influence they’d have to put a Bon Jovi allergy warning on the label if it was food, Kissin’ Dynamite are about to fill up all the space in your head for the next month with this one, trust us. Superhuman has it all – an oozin’-aahs chorus, a guitar solo straight from every rock CD your parents ever owned and that certain je ne sais quoi that ties the whole thing together into an almost infectious experience. This one was made to be blasted out; perhaps on an open highway, where the wind might take your bandana off because you’ll be damned if you’re going to put the roof up on a Chevy Camaro.

Posted by Eddie "short fuse" Hull

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