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22 Sep 2023

Morphium - What Lies Behind Words

appears on The Blackout (2016)

In the world of music and pop culture they say everything is cyclical, and it would seem so.  Word on the street is that "nu-metal" is making a bit of a comeback, so the good news is you were right to hang on to those oversized baggy jeans for all of those years!

I'd wager though that it never really went away and just fell out of favour, and there are still a few bands out there that have carried on experimenting with the sound... which brings me to the band we're shining our weekly spotlight on this week, Morphium.

Morphium hail from Girona, Spain and since 2005 have cranked out 4 fairly solid albums.  Despite the preamble above, it would definitely be unfair to label them entirely with the nu metal brush - there's a lot of gothic, death and metalcore influence in there too so their stuff makes for an interesting listen.  For today's pick though we're going with "What Lies Behind Words", a hook laden banger of a track that certainly wouldn't have been out of place on the soundtrack to a turn of the millenium horror flick.  Enjoy!

Posted by Cooper "still rocks a wallet chain" Crawley

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