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9 Jun 2023

Beast In Black - Highway to Mars

appears on Dark Connection (2021)

Time to forget whichever song is currently stuck in your head, folks, because this one is going to wrap around your brain like so much melted mozzarella and be equally impossible to scrub off. There are two schools of thought in the Power Metal universe – one that focuses on dragons and swords, your various Rhapsody’s etc. and one that is all about hard living and equally hard loving – and both of those schools are on either side of a cheese factory. Beast in Black graduated from the first school, realised that they weren’t done learning, then graduated from the latter, all while taking endless tours of that factory during breaks or on their way home.


The endless references to cheese here are perfectly apt; as you may have gathered from our excellently written article some time back, penned by one of our most strikingly handsome office goblins, Beast in Black are the audio equivalent of the world’s largest fondue set at times. I mean that in the absolute best way, however. The Finnish power metal quintet are right at home surrounded by 80s infused riffs and songs about anime and they do a damn good job of making it unforgettably catchy, too – huge vocals and synth flourishes turning the dial even further on the Power Metal o-meter. They’re great, is the long and short of it, and if you hadn’t heard of them before (which means you haven’t been reading our articles, so get to it!) then now is the second best time to start.


With a punchy, flair-riddled attitude and a chant along chorus that is going to confuse the hell out of your boss unless they also partake in the Devil’s music, Highway to Mars is a certified stomper that is going to end your week with exactly the sort of energy you need to survive one more day of work. Not working today? Then this is your new job – we want this Rock Song of the Week pick listened to by the end of the day or you’d better believe HR will be in touch.

Posted by Eddie "nerds out with his words out" Hull

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