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16 Jun 2023

Eclipse - The Masquerade

appears on Paradigm (2019)

Stop what you’re doing immediately – the big hand and the little hand are pointing to thirteen, which means it’s Rock Song of the Week o’clock! Time to dig through any ditches and burn through any witches you might have lying around.

This week, we’ve got an Eclipse you thankfully aren’t going to blind yourself by looking at for too long by accident. Knocking around since 1999 and hailing from, you guessed it, Sweden, they are well up for combining the beefier hard rock aspects with a touch of power metal flair, making them quite a force to be reckoned with on the ol’ rock-o-meter. Especially if you have hair that makes your elderly neighbours tut whenever you walk up the street. A fun fact – the band finished fifth in the Swedish qualifier for Eurovision in 2016, which is either a shame or a bullet dodged depending on who you ask.

In that time they’ve amassed a very respectable nine albums, each of them catchier than the last and with their latest, Wired, coming back in 2021. We’ve taken a small jump back to their penultimate effort Paradigm, however, because everyone knows that if it’s older, it’s cooler. The entire Paradigm album is well worth a listen (Spotify sweetheart Viva La Victoria in particular is a guilty pleasure earworm of Dune proportions), but for our esteemed pick of the week we’re hammering the play button on The Masquerade over and over again. Remember, all of our picks are free range – we don’t believe in battery-related anything. Which might be why none of the fire alarms work in our office, come to think of it.

Posted by Eddie "man-thing behind the mask" Hull

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