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23 Jul 2021

Halestorm - Black Vultures

appears on Vicious (2018)

Maybe the chaos that the world has been thrown into for the last year or so has given poor Halestorm a chance to rest their legs – they just do not stop touring. Since forming in 2006 they’ve been playing up to 250 shows a year at times; it’s a wonder they have time to do anything else. But somehow, they’ve released four albums, three cover albums, an album of experimental re-recordings of their songs and more in that time too. Sit down and have a brew, guys – you’ve earned it.

Made up of brother and sister duo Lzzy and Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger on guitars and Josh Smith on bass, this hard rock set-up hail (hale?) from Pennsylvania in the US-of-A. I’ve picked this week’s Song of the Week from their most recent main album Vicious and it’s the lead track, Black Vultures. It’s a real sex, drugs and rock and roll record and if you’re not playing it at maximum volume, you’re doing it a disservice. Hell, play the whole album at max volume!

Posted by Eddie "Can't make a fruit salad without a few bad apples" Hull

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