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19 Apr 2024

Garbage - Stupid Girl

appears on Garbage (1995)

We all love a bit of garbage. …………. I’ve left a space there to insert the name of a band you don’t like into the punchline to save me a bit of time. The website editor may not be so thankful, but you can’t win them all. Of course, we refer to the excellent Garbage in this case, those strangely soothing, multinational alt-rockers who know their way around a hook like a bunch of despondent fishermen. 

The Scottish/USA connection were responsible for an outrageous amount of both radio friendly and not so family friendly tracks and made every attempt at them look effortless – not bad going when you’re following on from prime Nirvana. For a while there, everything they touched turned to gold – there’s about ten songs we could have picked for our Rock Song of the Week selection and even more honourable mentions. There’s no beating the classics, though.

Catchy, thought-provoking and owners of possibly the best web domain on the Internet, Garbage were the masters of the alternative earworm. Stupid Girl was, and still is, a radio mainstay and about as good an example of post-grunge as you could possibly come up with. Hell, Garbage were post-grunge before grunge even died, proving they were about twenty long strides ahead of the game. Get your demin and flannel shirts out and promptly throw them in the bin, then get your ears around this for a few minutes.

Posted by Eddie "into the grunge-tank" Hull

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