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16 Dec 2022

Coheed and Cambria - The Liars Club

appears on Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind (2022)

Alright, you big nerds, I see you lining up for this one. Get in line for your noogies and general roughhousing on account of me being such a cool dude. Yep, I’m definitely not the sort of locked in roleplaying game enthusiast who has read sixteen Dune novels with the rest on his shelf. *coughI’veactuallyreadseventeenofthemcough*

No, thanks to the boom in the modern “geek” scene and with no small help from Eddie of Stranger Things fame, being a metalhead and a big nerd has never been more socially acceptable. For those who repped both since the time where our underpants had our names in them, mostly for the bullies to read when they pulled them over our heads, though, Coheed and Cambria have been scratching two itches with one bird. The American prog/post-hardcore/heavy metal/little bit of everything four-piece are full tilt when it comes to science fiction; every album bar 2015’s The Color of the Sun is a concept album set in the Amory Wars sci-fi universe, penned by lead vocalist/guitarist Claudio Sanchez. Talk about your multi-pass talents.

Adorned with its delightfully naff looking retro sci-fi video (deliberately so, I’m sure), The Liars Club is just the jam you need to elevate your Friday to the next level. It errs on the side of a little bit of everything that was mentioned before; shades of prog and big guitars, all wrapped up in a very alt-metal/emo frame that makes it both rock fun and catchier than a jumper made of fishhooks. You wont regret letting yourself get tangled up in this particular club, trust us on that.

Posted by Eddie "not the Stranger Things one" Hull

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