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3 May 2024

Asphyx - M.S. Bismark

appears on Last One on Earth (1992)

Time to blow the doors off, rockers and readers; Asphyx mean business. So much business that I imagine whatever was having its doors blown off will have been vaporised anyway in the wake of an absolute barrage of a track this week. It’s a real no survivors ethos and man, does it make for some spectacular music. 

Born of Oldenzaal in the Netherlands in 1987, Asphyx have continued commitment to making it feel like you’ve been in a car accident, but in audio form. Lead singer Martin van Druunen sounds like he’s going to pass out after every single line delivery, and that’s not to mention the absolute bombardment of guitars and drums to accompany him. They are still together after multiple hiatuses, though with no original members remaining it’s a Ship of Theseus type still together. Which is appropriate, really, given that this Rock Song of the Week pick is about a boat. Granted it’s a much more powerful, gun-laden boat, but that really only plays into the metaphor about how listening to Asphyx makes it feel like you’re being blown to pieces, in the best possible way. 

A riotously insane track that will have you screaming yourself hoarse trying to follow along, M.S. Bismark is a hallmark of top-tier 90s death metal. Seriously, just listen to the breakdown for the last 40 seconds of the song and tell me that isn’t the absolute best thing you have/will hear today. I’ll know if you’re lying because you’ll say that it isn’t.

Posted by Eddie "scream Queen" Hull

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