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8 Mar 2024

Dream Disciples - Messiah

appears on A Cure For Pain (1996)

If you like your music a little bit bleak, a little bit electronic and very much classic rock influenced, then we've got a treat for you this week ladies and gents.  Dream Disciples were a goth-rock act from Scotland who were active during the nineties and early 2000's, and quite frankly deserved a lot more recognition than they got.  Before calling it a day in 2004, they managed to churn out five albums and a couple of EPs through which their sound evolves from very moody goth to still moody but slightly more ubeat and electronic influenced rock.  Arguably they were walking a well worn path with the sound, but as with any act we like to feature here, there was something about their music that definitely stood out from their peers.

For the longest time their earlier albums were super hard to come by, with this writer having happened to stumble across one of them in a basement store in Camden many moons ago and then having to mail order (yes, I'm that old) the rest of the discography.  Fortunately though in the last few years they've appeared on bandcamp and in a couple of other places so they haven't been lost in the abyss of time.

Anyway, enough gushing about how great they are, for this week's pick we've gone with "Messiah" taken from their 1996 album A Cure For Pain which is sure to tickle that little goth inside each and every one of us.  Enjoy!

Posted by Cooper "Smells Funny When It Rains" Crawley

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